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The one and only

Headify gives you the newest edition headphoned with the ultimate experience through what seems like only basic headphones. Our bluetooth headphones are sweatproof and waterproof, allowing you to use them in times where usual headphones would get blocked by water, hurting the quality of sound. Our headphones are also an outstanding-battery powerbank, allowing you to charge your device using only the headphone case. our headphones are the best alternatives with amazing sound and great durabilty.

headify is the way to go!


How we started

Headify is a new genaration headphone supporting our customers with a 5.0 blutooth chip,with high performance,lower power consumption, stronger ability to resist frequency closed interference and that means you dont have to worry about frequent parring and intermittent problems. Also we wanted to add something to a wirless bluetooth headphone that has not been done yet a 1800mAH power to the headphone case witch means customers can charge their phone while on the go. We try to give our customers the best experience headify is including free shipping on all orders with a 3-5 days shipping time.